Rambles and shambles

When I joined Plan Vietnam this summer, I was clearly told about my responsibilities, a large chunk of which included preparing an evaluation report to build a foundation for designing projects for the next 5 years. As exciting as it sounded, it somehow took a backseat during the first month since we were waiting for … More Rambles and shambles

The Whats and Whys

For a country of its size, Vietnam is very diverse – culturally and geographically. There are over 54 ethnicities sprinkled over the hilly north and beachy central to the forests in the south. Although Vietnam has jumped to a lower middle income country status after being one of the poorest 2 decades ago, there are … More The Whats and Whys

First Impressions

I was met with surprising calm when I landed in Hanoi. Everything seemed great – an airport full of cheerful faces, colorful architecture, smooth moving lines at the immigration and baggage claim, easily available transport – no interruptions. I landed on a Friday so I had the weekend to get ready for the next three … More First Impressions